BIOS Setup 1.1


BIOS Setup 1.1

Cache Memory Bad, Do Not Enable Cache!
Burst Refresh
CAS# Latency
Burst Refresh
CH-2 Timer Error
Chipset Special Features
CMOS battery failed, CMOS Battery Has Failed, CMOS Battery State Low

CMOS Checksum Error, CMOS Checksum Failure
CMOS Memory Size Mismatch
CMOS System Options Not Set
CMOS Time and Date Not Set

Concurrent Refresh
CPU Critical Temperature
CPU External Cache
CPU Fast String
CPU Internal Cache
CPU Level 1 Cache

CPU Level 2 Cache
CPU Level 2 Cache ECC Check
CPU Priority
CPU to DRAM Page Mode
CPU-to-PCI IDE Posting
CPU-to-PCI Read Buffer
CPU-to-PCI Write Buffer
CPU-to-PCI Write Latency
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