BIOS Setup 1.1


BIOS Setup 1.1

Parallel Port Mode (ECP+EPP)
Passive Release
Password Checking

PCI 2.1 Support
PCI Bus Arbitration
PCI Bus Parking
PCI Clock Frequency
PCI Dynamic Decoding
PCI IRQ Activated by
PCI Latency Timer
PCI Latency Timer - 2

PCI Master 0 WS Write

PCI master accesses shadow RAM
PCI Preempt Timer
PCI to ISA Write Buffer
PCI/VGA Palette Snoop
Peer Concurrency
Plug and Play
PNP OS Installed
Power Button Function
Power Management - ACPI
Power Management - ACPI - 2

Preempt PCI Master Option
Processor Number Feature
PS/2 Mouse Function Control
PWR Button less then 4 Secs
PWR Lost Resume State
PWRON After PWR-Fail
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