Описание настроек BIOS Setup V1.3


RAS# Precharge Time

RAS# Precharge Time
RAS# Precharge Period
FPM DRAM RAS# Precharge
FPM RAS Precharge
RAS# Precharge
EDO RAS Precharge
EDO RAS# Precharge Time
EDO RAS Precharge Timing
FPM/EDO RAS# Precharge Time
SDRAM RAS Precharge Time

SDRAM RAS# Precharge
Refresh Cycle Time
DRAM Refresh Cycle Time
Memory Refresh Rate

DRAM Refresh Rate
DRAM Refresh Period
Drive NA before BRDY
X IR Transmission Delay
NA# Pin Assertion
NA# Enable

Numeric Processor Test
Primary Display
Bit I/O Recovery Time
Bit I/O Recovery Time
Automatic Power Up
Chassis Fan Speed
Fast RAS# to CAS# Delay
CPU Fan Speed
CPU Temperature

DRAM Read Burst Timing
DRAM R/W Leadoff Timing
Error Halt
Halt On
ECP DMA Select
Parallel Port Mode
RAM Area
Enable Master
Extended Refresh

Extended ROM RAM Area
Fast Gate A20 Option
LOWA20# Select
Init Display First
Graphics Adaptor
VGA BIOS Sequence
IR Transfer Mode
UR2 Duplex Mode
UART 1/2 Duplex Mode
Duplex Select

InfraRed Duplex Type
IR Function Duplex
Assign IRQ For VGA
ISA Clock Select Enable
ISA MEM Block Size
Floppy Disk Access Control (R/W)
Gate A20 Option
Graphics (AGP) Aperture Size
HDD Power Down
HDD S M A R T Capability

HiSpeed Refresh
Hidden Refresh
Onboard AHA BIOS
Onboard PCI IDE Enable
OS/2 Onboard Memory >MB
PCI Passive Release
Arbitration Priority
PCI Arbiter Mode
PCI Arbitration Mode
PCI Arbit Rotate Priority

DMA/ISA Master Before PCI
PCI Bus Timeout
PCI Master Latency
Latency Timer
PCI Clocks
PCI Initial Latency Timer
PCI Preemption Timer
Video Palette Snoop
Multimedia Mode
PCI Concurrency

Bus Concurrency
Passive Release
Password Checking
PCI Bus Arbitration
PCI Bus Parking
PCI Clock Frequency
PCI Dynamic Decoding
PCI IRQ Activated by
Power Button Function

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